Days? Weeks? Months?.. How Many More Before Jay Z And Beyonce's Twins Comes Home?

we got reports that the celebrity Twins are still in the hospital because they could jaundice for being born prematurely.

Beyonce, 35, and JAY-Z, 47, welcomed two new family members last week. Unfortunately, the twins have not left the hospital since their arrival due to a minor health issue of being born premature, according to TMZ. This could lead to the development of jaundice, a liver condition that causes yellowing of a newborn’s skin and eyes. It is not dangerous to babies but requires that they rest under lights. Now, the world is patiently waiting until Beyonce and JAY-Z will be able to take them home for the first time…which might not be for another few weeks.
Dr. Sherry A. Ross, Women’s Health Expert and Author of She-Ology: The Definitive Guide To Women’s Inmate Health. Period., tells EXCLUSIVELY that the twins could spend “2-3 weeks in the hospital just to get rid of the jaundice and to make sure they’re breathing on their own and feeding properly.” Dr. Sherry notes that the singer’s newborns need a little extra time to mature before it’s safe to leave the hospital. “I’d bet they were around 34 or 35 weeks so they’ll likely stay in the hospital two to three weeks.”
As we previously told you, the twins’ health issues also reportedly forced Queen Bey to have a C-section. “She gave birth via a planned C-section, so only one person was allowed in the delivery room,” a source close to the Knowles family told InTouch Magazine, noting that she chose JAY-Z over her mother, Tina Knowles. “She got really salty and made a comment about Jay not being home for the hard parts of Beyonce’s pregnancy,” the source continued. “She ended up leaving the hospital room for ‘a breather.’” Hopefully the family drama has subsided by now!